Run IBM Integration Bus 9 on Mac via VMWare Fusion

IBM Integration Bus 9 (IIB) was released in June 2013. It combines the previous WebSphere Message Broker and WebSphere ESB products into a single SOA platform and introduces better .Net support with wealth of new features. IIB 9 also comes with a Developer edition which is free for education and evaluation purposes, which is great news for both developers and decision makers.

IIB is only supported on Windows and Linux. Since my primary development machine is a MacBook Pro running OSX Mountain Lion, I decided to have a go installing IIB into a Windows 8 Virtual Machine powered by VMWare Fusion 5. It worked out quite well.

Log in with your IBM developer account and download the Developer Edition using Download Director. Unzip the 3G zip file into a directory, and the easiest way to setup IIB9 is via the Windows Launcher Pad.


The wizard will go through and install the following 4 components one after another:


The setup screens are quite intuitive. If you the step by step instructions and accept all default install locations it should be quite easy. I found a few things worth noting when installing onto the VM:

1. For WebSphere MQ installation, my VM is simple and standalone, without any network domain controller. So I selected “No” to the following question:


2. If you installed from a shared Mac directory, might need to click “Yes” when the Security Warning comes up for each of the setup.exe files:


3. Depending how you set up your folder sharing with your VM, you may get an Eclipse fatal error when you launch the Integration Toolkit. Because Eclipse cannot save it’s preference files to the networked user directory. To work around you can fix your folder sharing by excluding your Mac user base directory (ie /Users/username), or specify your VM’s local user directory when starting up the Toolkit:

C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\IntegrationToolkit90>launcher.bat -configuration C:\Users\username

Once the installation is successful, you should be able to see the IBM product suite in your Windows 8 Start Menu. If some icons don’t appear you may need to enable them by right clicking and selecting All Apps.

Windows 8 IBM Integration Bus

Verification can be done following the steps described¬†here. I won’t go into the details here. In my future posts I will attempt to install MQ and Integration Bus onto a Windows Azure Linux VM, whilst doing development and administration from my local VM Integration Toolkit.